Sycada is an innovative telematics company. We serve more than 2.000 enterprise clients across Europe with robust and secure mobility solutions. We offer unparalleled return on investment and we can’t wait to serve your organisation as well!

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Sycada offers a range of solutions for the transport industry. Common for these are that they provide your planners direct insight into the location and status of transported goods and assets. This improves efficiency and security.

Sycada is also involved in facilitating the transition from fossil to zero-emission vehicles by offering battery monitoring and smart charging solutions via our Sustainable Mobilty Competence Center in Amsterdam.

Typical use of Sycada services and modules includes:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • Drive style analysis and feedback

  • Fuel & CO2 reporting

  • Remote vehicle diagnostics

  • Route monitoring

  • Cargo condition monitoring (temperature monitoring)

  • Trailer monitoring (position and door open/close)

  • Connected Navigation, two-way driver communication

  • Digital tacho downloads


Connected car

GPS position

Real-time position updates at set intervals as well as geo-fence triggers and alerts


All journeys are accounted for along with odometer, mileage, start/stop times, speed profiles, fuel usage and other optional information

Drive score

The drive style of individual drivers is analysed and feedback is given on how to improve in order to realise fuel costs, CO2 emissions and to improve road safety.


Crash log

In case of an accident, forensic details before and after an accident can be made available to facilitate the claims settlement process.

Fuel reporting

Actual fuel consumption of the vehicle is registered and can be used as input for ‘Green Driving’ initiatives


Vehicle service notifications, and diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) of the vehicle are logged in real-time and used to support Duty of Care of the vehicle.


Sycada is proud to work with a myriad of customers and to deliver innovative, high‐performance telematics solutions to them.. Feel free to explore some of our reference cases for inspiration. We would be happy to welcome you as client as well!

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Sycada leads the way in telematics with more than 15 years of experience and 2.000+ happy clients.



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