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Sycada has several battery-powered GPS tracking units that will last for years and years on a single battery pack. This allows to locate a myriad of different types of assets without any (frequent) power supply. Visit our hardware section for technical details!

Sycada also enables the future narrowband networks (including LoRa) and will connect thousands of new assets with IoT narrowband technology. Why? Because we already have thousands of connected assets to our platform connected by 2.5, 3, 4G wireless networks, so IoT is a logical extension to our current services.

Sycada about header

Sycada about header

Long battery life and low hardware costs opens up many new use cases for asset tracking/localization, smart grid data, and remote metering. We are excited to facilitate these in cooperation with new hardware partners in the IoT space.

For the time being, this is project work. And Sycada is at the forefront. Contact us for enquiries or for a discussion of your business case and user requirements. We are keen to share our insights and experiences with you!

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