Digital Tacho

Automatic remote tachograph download for analysis and archiving. Real-time alerting for potential over hours and non-compliance. This is what Sycada’s Connected Tacho solution is about.

Live tacho data

DigiTacho data is seamlessly integrated in Sycada’s m!Trace tracking platform and provides important information for your planners, including:

  • Current driving and resting time and remaining budgets for driver and co-driver
  • Warnings of driver violations including overrunning driving time and speeding are displayed back at the headquarters
  • Current and historical vehicle details such as position information, mileage, vehicle status and speed.

Archived tacho data

Sycada works together with our partner company Zauner, one of the European market leaders in the area of digital tacho services. The online ZA-ARC system for downloading and achiving of digital tachograph data is in compliance with current European law and regulations. The central achiving function gives your company online access to source data as well as analyses and evaluations of vehicle- and driver data.

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