The construction industry has specific on-site and off-site challenges. Sycada offers a full blown vehicle- and asset tracking platform, as you would expect from a leading telematics solutions firm. What you may not know is that we offer intricate asset security solutions as well for powered and non-powered assets.

Our full range of devices allows to secure cars, LCV’s, trucks and HGV’s. For non-powered equipment we offer a range of rugged battery powered trackers with up to 5 years autonomous operations on a single battery pack. All solutions come with geo-fencing and perimeter fencing and automated alerting in case assets are used outside designated locations and working hours.

Typical use of Sycada services and modules includes:

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Site and asset security
  • Drive and work time reporting
  • Exceptions notifications
  • Stolen asset recovery




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